Bush Bristol is now open!

Thank you for all your support over the last year, it has meant the world to this tiny business and we would not be opening if it wasn't for your continued loyalty, thank you.

Opening hours : Tuesday - Sunday: 10am-5pm @ Wapping Wharf

UK deliveries are prepared Tuesday - Wednesdays for arrival on Friday's, via UPS courier.

Orders MUST be placed before 4pm Wednesday for a Friday delivery.

UK online delivery charges, was £6.95 - NOW (permanently) £5.75 !

Phryve Gorgeous Greens

A complete, organic nutrient solution for healthy and beautiful house plants.

Glorious Greens is tailored to bring out the best in show-stopping green plants such as monstera (Swiss cheese plant), ferns, ficus, spider plants and more.

Each bottle makes 100 litres of organic plant food.