Dried Wheat Bunch

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Dried Wheat Bunch, golden sun-dried wheat bunches are perfect for decorating in any season.

Natural wheat is a beautiful accent to any home. Wheat bundles are a perfect way to bring some of this Mother Nature-made beauty inside. Arranged in a vase or tied in a bundle, golden wheat glistens in sunlight and adds simple charm to your home décor. Although a 100% natural product, wheat stalks can add elegance to your living spaces. Dried Wheat will add some natural beauty to your home or project. Making each wheat stack eighteen to twenty-four inches in total length. These large Autumn wheat stacks are easily arranged into centrepieces that can stand alone on a table. Wheat can also be placed in a vase, basket, or container alone or with other natural dried plants for a beautiful accent anywhere in your home.

Length : 45-65cm