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Houseplant Hamper

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Houseplant Hamper…

Beautiful tools to help your new plant friend in it's new home & also look after the rest of your plant family!

Included in the Houseplant hamper is all the elements a houseplant lover requires…to nurture and love their houseplants in style and not have any excuses. 

The hamper includes a gift voucher to spend online or instore to add your chosen plant to its new pot & your collection.  At Bush Bristol we had feedback the person giving the gift wants convenience, ease and doesn’t want to worry about killing a plant before they give it to the person receiving. The gift voucher is valid for a year.

All items are gifted wrapped and given a sweet swing tag to make more of each item extra special. 

Also included in the hamper depending on the sliding price scale are some other items….

Niwaki Snips - As our outdoor plants get browning leaves so do indoor plants , snip away at any old leaves with these super Snips

Plant feed - Our plant food is vegan, organic, and effective. Don't let your plant stave of nutrients - feed between April - Oct - At least once a month

Water Mister - Keep your leaves Luscious, especially when the central heating is turned on.

Shell on Earth - Dress your plant and hide the soil, while preventing flies. From Cardigan Bay, West Wales.

Plant Stake - Support your plants in style with our golden plant stakes.

Greeting card – Botanical design brand that offers a collection of premium paper goods & is a no-plastic company, all products and packaging are 100% biodegradable, printed in the UK.

Watering Can - THE LANGLEY SPRINKLER GREEN - One pint. The fine spray rose is perfect for gently and accurately watering seedlings and young plants, and can be easily removed for general watering duties

'For Peaks Sake' -One pot wonder- Compact, convenient coconut coir and good for your plants. Repotting a single plant doesn't get any easier with 3Litre compost block.