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Plant Food - Phryve Gorgeous Greens & Cacti & Succulent's

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A complete, organic nutrient solution for healthy and beautiful house plants.

Glorious Greens is tailored to bring out the best in show-stopping green plants such as Monstera (Swiss cheese plant), ferns, ficus, spider plants and more.

Cacti & Succulents is tailored to help support your dessert loving plants - don't over water them ! Only water between April - October every 2 weeks including your feed. Only water once a month in the winter months. 

Each bottle makes 100 litres of organic plant food! 

Here are 4 big things we think you should know about Phryve:

1. Organic: There are no chemical nasties to be found in Phryve. Each bottle contains only 100% certified natural ingredients of controlled origin. Phryve respects the environment whilst also delivering exceptional results. 

2. Free from animal products: It’s a bit of a secret, but lots of feeds and fertilisers use animal products in the form of blood and bones. Not Phryve.  We solely use vegetable-based matter (largely sea kelp and sugar beet molasses) to ensure our feeds are fully veganic and cruelty-free.

3. Eco-responsible: We all have a responsibility to our planet. If you love plants, you know more than anyone the value of our living Earth. It’s why we try to be as eco-conscious as we can in terms of our packaging and environmental footprint. 

Our bottles are made from sugarcane plastic - which is bio-based, rather than derived from fossil fuels. Even better, it’s readily recyclable. Our labels are plastic-free, biodegradable and use vegan inks. We are also working on refill pouches to save even more plastic waste. 

And because Phryve is super-concentrated, just one bottle can make over 100 litres of feed for your plants!

4. We give back: We want to leave the world a little bit better than we found it. Which is why for every bottle of Phryve you buy, a tree is planted thanks to our charity partner Offset Earth. Anything we can do to make the world a little greener sounds good to us.

So for gorgeous greens, superb succulents and cool cacti, we’ve the feed for you. Choose Phryve and see your plants thrive.