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Plant Food & Atomiser Set - Norfolk Natural Living

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Norfolk Natural Living general indoor plant food can be  used for a multitude of different plants - always check each plant's  specific needs (as some like to be fed on their leaves and some prefer  to be misted on the base and the stem).

As they make their plant  food using nutritious seaweed harvested from a nearby beach.  It is best  used as a feed for your plants, therefore you should use it in their  growing season (for most plants this is between March and September).   Our seaweed food is a wonderful feed because it is rich in trace  nutrients and carbohydrates, helping your plants to grow strong and healthy.

To use their indoor plant tonic, fill the clear glass bottle with  water, then place two droplets of feed into the water - shake to  disperse and then happily mist the base or leaves during the growing  season once every 7-10 days.  (Make fresh every two weeks).

Each set contains 100ml of natural plant food, designed to last for around a year

Included in a lovely gift box