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Plant Food - Organic Nutrient plant food

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Made from plants, for plants. Our plant food is vegan, organic, and effective.

This complete organic plant nutrient is safe to use on your hydroculture plants and cuttings, and will not burn the roots (like synthetic fertilizers can do). It comes in a practical eyedropper bottle for easy dosage and is easily soluble. 

You can use it on all your plants, growing in water or growing in soil.

We?ve tested many types and feel this one is the best kind to encourage healthy growth.

This complete nutrient solution is suitable for hydroculture. 

It?s made of 100% beets vinasse from organic cultivation.

Store in a cool place away from daylight and out of reach of children.

Applicable for organic cultivation, responds to EC regulation Nø834/2007, produced in France.

Analysis: N-P-K 3-1-6